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Topaz Reindeer Insoles

Topaz Reindeer Insoles

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The reindeer insole from Topaz is a natural product that keeps you both warm and dry. It has a very special characteristic: once you’ve used it in a couple of hours, it is shaped by your feet. They enclose your feet perfectly and work as footbed. If you vacuum them, they go back to their original shape and become almost like new again.

Suitable for: Children, Men, Unisex, Women
Materials: Reindeer fur

Please note that we use utmost care in sourcing only ethically derived products. To date, this is our only fur product. The reindeer skins are purchased from the Sami people and all come from free range animals (not fenced). Reindeer husbandry is a crucial - and often only - source of income for the Sami. Their rights to this industry are legally protected in the Scandinavian countries, with Norway and Sweden giving them exclusive rights to this trade.